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Resurfacing & Repair in Franklin

At Franklin Hardwood Flooring Pros, many of the services that we carry are concerned with hardwood flooring installation, or the installation of other kinds of flooring – but we’re also adept at the maintenance and repair of flooring as well. Our resurfacing & repair service is the best in the region, and more than capable of overcoming structural and cosmetic concerns to give you a return to a floor in its optimal condition. If your existing flooring installation has gotten into a sorry state, there’s no reason to lose hope or become panicked – we have the flooring contractors with the training and experience to restore your floor back to full health. When you find yourself in a situation like this, just reach out to our customer service team to book in an appointment. Further insights into this service can be found below.

The Resurfacing Process
At Franklin Hardwood Flooring Pros, we’re highly accomplished at taking on resurfacing work for hardwood floors (and engineered hardwood floors), but how does this process work? In basic terms, the resurfacing process is intended to overhaul the existing installation with an extensive and exhaustive procedure. It can involve the removal of floor boards, the grinding down and sanding of the various surfaces, and the reinforcement of planks with nails and supports. Exactly what will be required will be determined by the state of the floor when we’re brought in. A resurfacing procedure is commonly employed when the state of the floor is significantly deteriorated.

Refinishing Procedures
While resurfacing is a fairly disruptive process that addresses the structural health and quality of the floor installation, refinishing is more concerned with getting the floor back into an attractive condition. We carry this process out by using dust free sanding to even out your floor and remove marks and blemishes, and this is followed by the application of stains and treatments to give more substantial protection going forward. This is a great procedure to make sure that your floor continues to look as good as possible, even after years and years of use.

Making Repairs
Of course, sometimes it’s possible that you have a floor that looks good and is basically unmarked, but might have some repair issues that need to be taken care of – and we’re happy to manage these processes as well. We’re comfortable handling repair procedures on hardwood floors, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, and any other kind of flooring you can think up. This makes sure that the condition of the floor doesn’t deteriorate further, and that you’re making as much use of your initial investment as possible.

Repelling Pests
Besides aesthetic value and practical performance, it’s worth taking on repair, refinishing, and resurfacing procedures to protect your flooring from the potential threat of pests. Where your floors are exposed and damaged, pests might be able to find their way into the materials, and this could prove to be devastating for you and your property. Stop that from happening by taking a proactive approach.

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