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Laminate Flooring in Franklin

Laminate flooring has been a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties across the United States for decades, and considering the varied and flexible nature of this flooring material, that shouldn’t come as a shock whatsoever. At Franklin Hardwood Flooring Pros, we’re adept at the installation, repair, and maintenance of laminate flooring, having completed many service requests with regard to laminate flooring for customers in the Franklin, Tennessee region. If you’re considering the installation of laminate flooring at your property, you might be onto a prudent course of action – there are a number of benefits that could make it an excellent choice for you and any others present at your property. To get a taste of what’s available with laminate flooring, either read on below or reach out to our customer service team today.

Long Lasting Toughness
Before anything else, it’s important to remember that flooring, before everything other consideration, is a practical addition to your property. It’s no good having a flooring installation that looks beautiful, but falls apart at the first sign of trouble. Fortunately, you’re not going to have any such problems with laminate flooring. One of the classic properties that makes it such a great choice is that it offers considerable durability, even in the face of heavy impacts and foot traffic. This is perhaps the most influential reason behind its prominence in commercial environments and family dwellings – where accidents are possibly more common.

Varied Resistance
Of course, any flooring installation is going to have to handle more than just heavy foot traffic – floors are regularly battered by humidity, spillages, and cuts and scratches. Again, however, laminate flooring demonstrates its broad capabilities by performing well. Laminate flooring is great at handling extreme temperatures (and temperature changes), UV exposure, chemical and oil spillages, and moisture. If it’s able to manage these threats – and it is – there’s really nothing that’s going to be a major danger to it in your property.

Great Value
When you’re trying to pick out a flooring type for your property, you need to think about more than just the durability and visual performance of the material in question – though those are certainly considerable influences on what you’ll go with. One of the deciding factors is going to be the cost and value of the product, and here laminate flooring is hard to match up to. It has a much lower upfront cost than hardwood or even engineered hardwood floors, and with it’s sturdiness and minimal maintenance, you can expect the lifecycle cost to be equally impressive.

Range of Aesthetics
You might be wondering just what kind of aesthetic you’ll be able to work with if you choose to go down the laminate flooring route, and that’s a fair concern. Fortunately, there’s going to be plenty to choose from. Laminate floors are often made to look like other materials – like hardwood – but they also come in unique patterns and styles too. Whether you’re looking to mimic another material or not, you’re surely going to find something you like.

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