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Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring in Franklin

Many people across the United States are choosing to install bamboo flooring in their properties, and it’s easy to see why. Bamboo floors have many properties similar to hardwood and engineered hardwood floors, but there are certainly some distinct differences that might make it a better or worse choice for your property compared with those options. At Franklin Hardwood Flooring Pros, we’re experienced in the installation and maintenance of bamboo floors, and this is something we’ve offered since our inception. Obviously, as the popularity of bamboo floors has increased, so have the number of service requests that we’ve managed. If you have a bamboo floor that needs attention, or you’re considering the installation of a bamboo floor in your property, you won’t find a more reputable or reliable flooring service anywhere in the Franklin, Tennessee area.

Renewable Materials
We live in a day and age where the sustainability and environmental impact of every action is examined down to the most minute detail. This is because of the ever-looming threat of global warming, and the catastrophic implications of failing to deal with it before it reaches a tipping point. So, it shouldn’t be such a surprise that many people are now interested in the sustainability of their flooring material of choice, and here bamboo really shines. While most hardwood materials rely on trees that need 20 years to mature for harvesting, bamboo stalks can be used every 5 years or so. The commercial bamboo materials that we use for flooring are all farmed responsibly and sustainably.

Refinishing Possibilities
As with the various other hardwood flooring installations that we provide, bamboo flooring can be refinished to a very high standard, offering significant extensions to the life and aesthetic quality of your flooring installation – even when it’s been present in your property for many years. If you are searching for a refinishing service that can handle your bamboo floor, you’re in luck – we’ve delivered this service to a very high standard many times before.

Resistive Quality
Hardwood floors are generally pretty good at demonstrating durability, but bamboo floors are even better in this regard. Most bamboo floors demonstrate greater resistive quality with regard to scratching, impacts, and water damage – all of which can be relatively commonplace in both residential and commercial properties. If you think your property could be the sort of environment where accidents are likely to happen, it’s arguably worth looking at bamboo flooring rather than one of the other hardwood or engineered hardwood alternatives.

Types of Bamboo
Generally speaking, bamboo flooring comes in a few different composition types – and we’re capable of installing any of them at your property. Stranded bamboo flooring is the first of these, but horizontal bamboo and engineered bamboo flooring are also commonly used types. Of course, you’ll find that we’re capable of maintaining and repairing these bamboo types too – if ever required. We can run through the various pros and cons of each of these types of flooring at your request.

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