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The flooring in your property has a massive impact on the way that the space feels and functions. If it’s of a high quality standard, it’s going to raise the comfort and functionality of the space, and make it that much more enjoyable to spend time in. When it’s of a lower standard, you’re likely to run into lots of practical concerns, and of course, it’s going to be a less pleasant space to find yourself in on a regular basis. Many people choose to place their faith in hardwood and engineered hardwood floors, as they’re both beautiful and practical. A hardwood flooring installation and maintenance service should be your first port of call if this is something that you’re considering – and this is something we feel we’re the best in the business at providing.

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At Franklin Hardwood Flooring Pros, we’ve made a career out of providing high standard hardwood flooring installation, repair, refinishing, and resurfacing services to the people across the Franklin, Tennessee area – and we couldn’t be more proud of the results that we’ve conjured up across the time that we’ve been operating. We’ve forged a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy provider, and one that can very easily give you both quality and value. Whether you’re in need of installation, repair, or maintenance services, we’re the best around.

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At our company, we’re determined to provide the premier hardwood flooring service provisions in the area, and this is something that we feel we deliver on through our comprehensive range of services. We’ve not yet come across a situation where we’ve been unable to provide the expertise that our customers are seeking – and we don’t expect that to change any time in the future. We’re adept at handling hardwood floors, engineered wood floors, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, and so much more. If you’re uncertain whether or not we can assist you with your project, our customer service team is always available to offer you clarity during times of confusion.


Hardwood Installation

If you’re looking for beauty, class, and practical quality, you’re in the right place – hardwood floors have been amongst the most popular flooring material More


Resurfacing & Repair

If your flooring is in a dilapidated condition, you’ll need to make sure that you’re investing in maintenance and repair services to get it back into shape. Damage More


Hardwood Stairs

Hardwood stairs continue to be a very popular choice across the United States, and we’re big fans ourselves. Hardwood stairs look great, but they’re also very More


Engineered Hardwood

Many people choose engineered hardwood floors because it has the same fantastic aesthetic as genuine hardwood, but is available at a more reasonable More


Bamboo Flooring

This kind of flooring material is enjoying a popular period, possibly due to the sustainable and renewable nature of the material. When looked at through the More


Laminate Flooring

Of course, if you want a reliable and value-packed flooring option, you can always look at laminate flooring. These floors are particularly popular in More

Customer Review

“I had the pleasure of enjoying the services available from Franklin Hardwood Flooring Pros over the last couple of weeks, and they’ve managed to transform my home. Their refinishing and resurfacing expertise has brought a new lease of life to my house, and I’m absolutely thrilled to say the least.” – Jacob A.

“I’d happily recommend Franklin Hardwood Flooring Pros for anybody who’s looking at installing a hardwood floor in their property. Their friendly but professional brand of service was even better than I had been anticipating, and I feel like I got really excellent value for money from them.” – Angie K.

“I’m giving Franklin Hardwood Flooring Pros 10/10 for their unbelievable efforts with regard to my laminate flooring. I needed new floors across my commercial property, so it was a big job, but they managed it no problem. In and out like a flash, but the quality of the work looks great. Amazing work guys!” – Sherri O.

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